5 Types of Coats that Everyone Should Have in Their Closets

Fashion experts and fashion lovers all around the world would easily agree that layering your clothes is the best way to elevate any outfit. Coats are an important yet underrated part of any wardrobe, playing the all-important role of making every outfit look just that little bit more stylish. Fashion-forward, practical and evergreen, a coat is the one item of clothing you can always rely on to never go out of fashion. Having been found thousands of years ago with the main purpose of keeping people safe and protected against all weather conditions, a coat is now a major fashion symbol incorporated in the best outfits by many well-known celebrities in the fashion industry.

Anyone with the least knowledge about fashion knows what a coat is worth, and with technology making life much easier for us, you can buy your favourite coat online. Shopping sites like Myntra feature a wide range of the best coat options one could need in their wardrobe. From casual to fancy, here are five types of coats everyone should have in their closets:

  • Trench Coat: These are a type of outerwear made from heavy-duty material, ideal for rainy weather. Trench coats typically come in many different lengths, from ankle to above the knees; they look extremely stylish and have military-style closure. Trench coats are high end, fancy and go with everything.

  • Overcoat: An overcoat looks quite similar to a trench coat, but it serves different purposes. Overcoats are designed specifically to cater to the wearer’s needs in cold weather and keep them warm at all times. These are great at regulating temperature and also add to the fashion appeal of any outfit by sitting snugly as the outermost layer.

  • Car Coat: As the name suggests, this type of coat was originally made to be worn by car drivers and passengers but has turned into a fashion essential over time. Typically of mid-thigh length, a car coat has flat front plackets that act as a shield against wind and rain. It also has multiple pockets to serve proper functionality.

  • Wrap Coat: A wrap coat is among the most comfortable coats out there, mainly due to its adjustable features. It has two overlapping panels that are secured with a soft belt that fastens neatly around the waist area. Available in varying lengths, a wrap coat has a very casual yet sophisticated element that is too good to be missed out on.

  • Pea Coat: Pea coats are short overcoats, typically made from woollen material and go really well with different types of clothes. This is a closet must-have for everyone, regardless of age and gender. It has broad lapels, which gives it a classic look with vertical and spacious pockets you can use to carry essentials.

You can find every listed coat online, along with more like shearling coats, formal coats, etc. These few items are the perfect way to upgrade your wardrobe and make it much more sophisticated. Shop for your favourite coat online from Myntra and dress to impress!