Fashion 101: 4 Tips to Make Yourself More Stylish

Even though it’s something we all do every single day, dressing up can feel tricky at times. After all, almost everyone has had the experience of not knowing what to wear at one point or another. We all want to look our best, regardless of whether we’re going to the office or hanging out with friends. And if you find yourself spending too much time that you would rather use playing at instead of trying to match up clothing, you aren’t alone with this particular conundrum. In this guide, we’ll talk about some fashion tips that will elevate your style to new heights.

  • Balance your proportions

Fashion isn’t just about showing off the parts of your body that you’re proud of – be it a slim waist or toned arms. It’s also about downplaying those that you’re not particularly fond of. One technique to balancing your proportions is to add the opposite volume, such as choosing to wear wide-legged trousers to try and offset a heavy upper half if you opt to wear something fitted. The purpose is to even everything out, so make sure that you avoid putting on anything that may be too oversized for your physique because it’ll only make you look much larger than you are.

  • Avoid being too matchy


A common fashion mistake that many people make is trying to match everything together and making the entire outfit too cohesive. It may sound strange but try to aim to wear pieces that enhance each other rather than sticking to a single style. For instance, choosing an outfit of different but complementary colors will look more appealing than opting for a single one. The same goes with accessories – learn to diversify instead of traditionally matching your attire.

  • Be selective when showing off skin

You must remain selective in fashion when it comes to showing off some skin. Avoid overwhelming people with so many things to draw their eyes to at once. If you choose to wear low-cut dresses, focus on cleavage instead of baring your legs and arms. This concept is also applicable to fitted clothing – body-hugging outfits will look more appealing with sensible necklines while a skirt that is above your knees will keep you from raised eyebrows if it’s more flared instead of tight.

  • Consider your personality

No matter how many fashion rules you follow, it won’t make a difference if your outfit doesn’t make you happy. So consider your personality and how you want to be perceived when selecting your outfit. Choose colours that match how you are and what you feel. Doing so won’t just allow you to express yourself through your fashion. But more importantly, it’ll make you feel more confident than you would have been otherwise.


While there is a science to fashion, it’s also an art. Much of style boils down to personal preference, after all. So make sure that you follow the abovementioned tips but don’t forget to consider what you want too. When all’s said and done, fashion shouldn’t just elevate your looks but also how you feel.