Five Summer Looks in Flat Sandals

The rule for this summer is comfort above all! Yes, we tend to appreciate heels, wedges, kitten heels and square or pointed heels quite a bit. But today, our experts have decided to give your feet a vacation. Relaxation mode engaged, here are five ideas of looks for summer 2021 created in the trend of flat sandals.

  1. What look with natural fabric espadrilles?

If you did not know esparto, now is the time to get started. This material braided from natural leaves promises you a feeling of freedom and good foot breathing.

In esparto, hemp, rope or linen, give yourself a new vision of the espadrille. The trendy model this year is the colourful version. Honey, mustard, even downright acidic tones: your shoes go well with a colour block look.

For the look of the day, your comfortable slippers will go with high waisted pants in a beautiful sea green and a navy top.

  1. What look with strappy sandals?

The thin strap that delicately embraces the ankle is both very feminine and a good guarantee of stability. As well in minimalist version as in gladiator sandals with rising straps, they can perfectly stylize the lower leg.

Be aware, however, that this form of sandal tends to cut the foot. In other words, it does not extend the leg, if that is what you are looking to do, on the contrary.

Your summer look with strappy comfortable slippers is an outfit made from paper bag shorts and a fluid blouse or blouse. The latest accessory for a look as elegant as it is comfortable: the essential panama (or Borsellino for those who support felt in summer).

  1. What look with “ugly shoes”?

Fashion police is cheating a bit here by inserting the flagship flat sandals of this summer 2021 season: the ugly shoes, slightly offset. Yes, they are literally talking about “ugly shoes”, which you will find everywhere this year.

Raised in the 1990s, they have been taking care of your toes for a few years now. They are ideal to create a street look, or to break the formalism of a dress, shorts, a jumpsuit or a blazer. Have fun, it’s the perfect accessory for a top trendy mix & match.

Experts look proposal with ugly shoes combines flare jeans and an original blouse with tie and dye or watercolour print.

  1. What look with white flat sandals (or mules)?

Another model reassembled from the 1990s and so comfortable that a fashionista cannot do without it. White mules or flat sandals for women are obvious. Easy to pair (they go with just about anything), great for highlighting your tan, they’re quite stylish without getting all the attention.

Your summer look in white comfortable slippers is easy to create: a black skirt with a floral mini print (or tropical maxi print if you dare), a small black top with a lace collar, and you are the queen of the evening.

  1. What look with leather mules?

More than leather, there are now a lot of more natural and ecological materials that take care of your feet. What stylists appreciate above all is the colour, this auburn camel which immediately sets the tone.

Here too, the leather flat sandals for women are classic that goes with all your outfits.

If you appreciate the boho style, then these shoes are for you. Associate them with a maxi dress (long dress) in a floral print and a raffia bag, still very trendy this season.