Indian Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for Women

Indian weddings are some of the most beautiful and colorful events that you can attend. From the stunning decorations to the intricate outfits, everything about a traditional Indian wedding is a mesmerizing sight to behold. When it comes to traditional Indian weddings, there are so many different outfit styles for women to choose from—from vibrant sarees and lehengas to sleek and modern salwar kameezes. If you’re looking for ideas on what to wear for an upcoming Indian wedding, this blog post is here to help. Here, we will explore some of the best Indian wedding outfit ideas for women and explain why they’re perfect for any occasion. Keep reading to find out more!


Lehengas are traditional Indian wedding outfits, and they come in a variety of designs and styles. The latest trends in lehengas include heavy embroidery, sequins, and beading, as well as lighter fabrics such as chiffon and georgette. A lehenga for women can be either fitted or flared, and can be worn with a variety of different blouses, including sleeveless, halter-neck, and off-shoulder styles.

Kurtis with Different Types of Bottomwear

It’s no hidden secret that Indian women love their Kurtis! They are comfortable, and stylish and can be worn for a number of occasions. But what type of bottom wear should you team your Kurti with? Here are some great Indian wedding outfit ideas for women:

Dhoti Pants: Dhoti pants are a great choice if you want to add a touch of traditionalism to your look. They can be teamed with both short and long Kurtis.

Palazzos: Palazzos are extremely comfortable and look great with Kurtis of all lengths. If you’re looking for something more dressy, opt for palazzos made of silk or other rich fabrics.

Churidars: Chudidars are another popular option when it comes to bottom wear for Kurtis. They hug your curves and can be found in a variety of materials like cotton, silk, and Lycra.

So, there you have it – four great bottom-wear options to team with your Kurti. Experiment with different looks until you find one that you love!

Crop Top with Palazzos

The Indian wedding season is upon us, and if you’re looking for the perfect outfit to wear to all those functions, we’ve got you covered. One of the hottest trends this season is the crop top with palazzos. Trust us, this look is super stylish and flattering and will have you standing out from the crowd.

To nail this trend, start by picking a crop top that’s adorned with intricate embroidery or embellishments. Pair it with a pair of wide-leg palazzo pants in a coordinating color. For an extra touch of glamour, add some statement jewelry and a pair of heels. Trust us, you’ll love how you look!


Sarees are one of the most popular Indian wedding outfits for women. They are perfect for all functions, from the engagement ceremony to the reception. Sarees can be made of various fabrics, such as silk, cotton, or even chiffon. The most important thing to remember when choosing a saree is that it should be comfortable to wear and easy to carry.

There are many different ways to style a saree. The most common way is to drape it around the body, with one end draped over the shoulder. This leaves the other end free, which can be used to cover the head or hair. Another popular way to wear a saree is by wrapping it around the waist and then tying it in a knot at the back. This gives a more fitted look and is perfect for women who want to show off their curves.

When it comes to accessories, less is more when wearing a saree. A simple pair of earrings and a bracelet are all that is needed to complete the look. If you want to add a bit more glamour, you can opt for a statement necklace or even a bindi (a small decorative dot worn on the forehead).

Ethnic Gowns

As India is a land of diversity, there are a variety of ethnic gowns available to choose from for an Indian wedding. Depending on the region, these gowns can be made from different materials and styles.

The most popular ethnic gowns worn at Indian weddings are the saree, lehenga, and ghagra choli. The saree is a long piece of fabric that is wrapped around the body and typically has ornate embroidery or embellishments. A lehenga is a skirt that is worn with a blouse or shirt, and a ghagra choli is a two-piece outfit consisting of a long skirt and cropped top.

When choosing an ethnic gown for an Indian wedding, it is important to consider the style of the event as well as the bride’s personal preferences. For example, a more traditional Hindu wedding may call for a saree in bright colors or heavy fabrics like silk, while a modern Sikh wedding might be more suited to a light-colored lehenga or ghagra choli. No matter what style of gown you choose, make sure it fits well and flatters your figure!

Accessories and Jewelry to Complete your Look

There are so many accessories and pieces of jewellery to choose from when it comes to completing your Indian wedding look! Traditional brides often wear colorful bindis on their forehead, along with beautiful henna designs on their hands and feet. Jewellery-wise, think statement necklaces, dangling earrings, and bangles galore. And don’t forget the all-important dupatta – a long scarf or shawl that is draped over the head and shoulders. If you’re wearing a lehenga choli, then the dupatta is usually pinned at the front. But if you’re opting for a saree, then it’s draped over one shoulder. Finish off your outfit with some sparkly shoes and you’re good to go!

Indian wedding outfit ideas for women are endless and can accommodate any style or taste. From vibrant lehengas to intricate sarees and graceful Anarkali, there is something for everyone! If you ever find yourself in the middle of a wedding planning dilemma, all you need to do is remember that Indian weddings are all about celebrating life with your loved ones and making sure everyone looks their best. With these fun and creative Indian wedding outfit ideas for women, no one will be disappointed!